Yamaha YFL 412 Flute

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The Yamaha YFL412ID Flute is the flagship model for advancing students. The sterling silver body, foot and headjoint has a developed tone with clear projection, as well as a stunning finish. The covered keys assist with achieving a clear pronunciation easier. This model benefits from an offset G key system, which allows a more natural hand position for more comfortable playability. The YFL412ID's lip plate is specifically designed to encourage the correct breathing patterns from students. This model is ideal for students wanting to inspire their own playing.

  • Key: C
  • Body Material: Sterling Silver
  • Head Joint: CY Straight
  • Head Material: Sterling Silver
  • Foot Joint: C
  • Lip Plate: Sterling Silver
  • Tone Holes: Drawn and Curled
  • Key System: Offset G
  • Key Types: Plateau
  • Keys: Covered
  • Key Mechanism: E
  • Finish: Polished
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