Roland RP102 In Contemporary Black

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Roland RP102 Digital Piano In Contemporary Black Finish

Piano Sound & Keyboard Action - The Most Important Aspects of a Digital Piano

Although the RP102 is the first model in Roland’s home piano range, they have not held back from packing it full of high-quality features when designing this instrument. Firstly, the RP102 includes the rich tone and responsive sound of the SuperNATURAL grand piano. The same piano voice is used throughout the Roland home piano range from the RP102 right up to the luxury flagship models. This piano voice is created using computer modelling within the instrument and responds naturally to the expression and style of the player. The link between the player and the instrument is the keyboard action, and the RP102 uses the authentic feeling 88 note PHA-4 Standard keyboard. This keyboard mechanism gives the weighted feel of an acoustic piano, whilst being physically lightweight, making the RP102 easy to move around the home if ever required. The combination of this PHA-4 key action with the SuperNATURAL piano sound allows an expressive piano performance and responsiveness that has never before been achieved from a digital piano at this price point.

Three Pedals - Just Like A Grand Piano

There are three piano pedals fitted to the RP102 which operate the same as those found on a full-size grand piano. The right pedal is the damper pedal, which sustains notes. The left pedal is the soft pedal, and the middle pedal is known as the sostenuto pedal. The pedals on the RP102 can be re-assigned to other functions such as hands-free page turning when using the Bluetooth MIDI connection to a score display app.

Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity Opens Up A World Of Music

The RP102 has built-in wireless Bluetooth connectivity so the piano can communicate with the many hundreds of apps available for popular tablet computers. The Bluetooth connection provides both MIDI and audio streaming, so the piano can communicate note and pedal information to an external device (for example - with a music scoring app or tuition aid) whilst the sound from the other device is simultaneously is replayed through the RP102’s own speaker system. Roland is the only piano manufacturer to offer this unique facility. Examples of popular apps which are compatible with the Roland RP102 are GarageBand, piaScore, Sheet Music Direct, and many others.

Additional Instrument Sounds

There aren’t just piano sounds in the RP102! In fact, there are 35 different sounds ranging from acoustic pianos, electric pianos, harpsichord, organs, strings and even synthesizer sounds. It is possible to layer two sounds on top of each other or you can split the keyboard so one sound plays in the upper register and the other in the lower.

Twin Piano Mode

For times when two people want to play the piano at the same time, the twin piano mode allows the keyboard to be divided in two, letting teacher and pupil play together with each part of the keyboard sounding the same octave ranges.

Headphone Option For Silent Practice!

The RP102 has two headphone output jacks so that two people can enjoy the use of the piano without disturbing others in the household. The key action of the RP102 is especially quiet compared with other digital pianos on the market.

Roland RP102 Dimensions

  • Width 1379 / Depth 423 / Height 817mm
  • Weight 37.8Kg


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