James Music Instrument Rental Scheme

The James Music Instrument rental scheme is ideal for all children and adults of all ages that want to learn a new instrument without committing to a costly purchase.

100% of the initial rental cost comes off the price of the instrument if you decide to keep it! So it really is a win-win option, perfect for a newcomer to a musical instrument.

The sheer volume of instruments we rent out ensures that we can offer the right products, at the right price.

What happens if my instrument stops working?

We have years and years of experience at james music, with expert knowledge of instruments from guitars, ukes and drums through to violins, brass and woodwind instruments. As a result, we can carry out most repairs instore- so if you need a repair in an hurry we could fix it on the spot. If not, however, we will offer you a replacement instrument immediately whilst it goes for a repair, so that you do not miss a lesson or practising time.

Can I purchase the instrument?

Yes, the instrument can be purchased at any time with 100% of all rental charges deducted. There really is no catch. Even though our scheme seems too good to be true, it really is that simple. We have offered this ground breaking rent to buy scheme for over 20 years all over the uk.

So what payments do I need to make exactly?

Take a Hidersine Inizio violin outfit for example. These instruments cost £99.

To hire one of these costs £27 (this is the cost for a 3 month rental). This is yours to keep for 3 months. At the end of the 3 month period you have a decision to make. Bring the instrument back with nothing else to pay or you can keep onto the instrument for a further 3 months. At this point the balance left to pay on the violin is £99-£27 (£72). To keep the violin for the second rental period it will cost a further £27 so that after 6 months if you want to buy the violin it will cost you just £45 (£99-£27-£27) Makes sense? Call us on 01267 223108 if you are unsure!

What if I give up?

No problem. Sometimes we take up something new with all good intentions but it doesn't work out. Perhaps the instrument was too heavy or too difficult to blow. If for any reason you decide to bring the instrument back, make sure the instrument is in good condition and there will be nothing to pay. Simple!

Which Instruments are part of the rent to buy scheme?

We offer the rent to buy scheme on the following instruments, minimum rental period is 3 months:

Violins (£9 per month)

Clarinets (£15 per month)

Flutes (£15 per month)

Trumpets (£15 per month)

Guitars (£9 per month)

Drums (£40 per month)

Harps (From £25 per month)






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