Yamaha YFL 312 Flute

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The Yamaha YFL312 is ideal for developing students. It features a sterling silver headjoint for a warm and powerful tone. The offset G key has a more natural playability that's ideal for developing students. The YFL312 is designed around offering a clear voicing to all, which is ideal for keeping younger players inspired. Yamaha's student model flutes are designed to help players maximise their ability and reach their aspirations.

  • Key: C
  • Body Material: Nickel/Silver Alloy
  • Head Joint: Straight
  • Head Material: Nickel/Silver Alloy
  • Foot Joint: C
  • Lip Plate: Nickel/Silver Alloy
  • Tone Holes: Drawn and Curled
  • Key System: Offset G
  • Key Types: Plateau
  • Keys: Covered
  • Key Mechanism: E
  • Finish: Polished
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