Tanglewood Java TWJP Acoustic

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Tanglewood TWJP Java with Cedar, Amara, Spalted Mango and Sonokeling Tonewoods

From the front angle this parlour guitar is pleasant to look at with its gloss finish. Flip it round to the back and you can see some particularly striking wood grain on show. The Tanglewood TWJP doesn't suffer in the tone department either. First off the body top has been created using solid cedar. This delivers a rich, warm sound. The back of this acoustic guitar looks amazing. Check out the amazing use of Amara with Spalted Mango in the middle. Amara has also been used for the sides. A nato neck has been given a Sonokeling fretboard. Again, this is also a little bit different from the norm. It looks a little bit like rosewood. The bridge has been constructed from Sonokeling as well. A classy looking slotted headstock uses some white binding to emphasise the look. The whole body and back of the neck has a natural gloss finish.

Palour guitar with rich, clear tones

The Tanglewood TWJP Java is a small instrument. This doesn't mean it can't have warm, rich tones. A parlour guitar can deliver plenty of clarity. It won't have the same volume and bass as a dreadnought or a jumbo but should give you a more precise tone. This makes it great for finger-picking and blues playing. The smaller body has some other advantages as well. It is very comfortable to sit and play for many. Much less cumbersome than a Jumbo. This makes the Tanglewood TWJP Java acoustic great for smaller people.

With great looks and tones this is a lovely little parlour guitar. Using dramatic exotic tonewoods the Tanglewood TWJP Java looks fantastic too.

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