Tanglewood TW2 TE Winterleaf Travel Electro Acoustic, Natural

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The past 5 years have seen a huge popularity in travel instruments and lots of manufacturers are now making them.

We began making Travel guitars 25 years ago in our Sundance series and now in 2021 we have the Winterleaf All Mahogany travel acoustics that we believe represent outstanding value for every player.

We use genuine African Mahogany to construct our travel guitars and use strong laminations of the timber to construct each model, knowing that in use, they may have climate changes to endure and even a few bumpy bus or coach rides!

We love the warm rich sound of the mahogany, and we’ve braced each model carefully so the projection and tonal resonance when played is very appealing.

If you want a great guitar to travel with and play on the beach as the sun sets, or for your family and friends at the garden party this is the one for you.

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