Tanglewood TUJ 2 CE Exotic Java Concert Electro Ukulele

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The Tanglewood TUJ2CE Exotic Java Concert Ukulele features a stunning combination of tonewoods, all constructed with Tanglewood's eye for detail. With a solid koa top and mahogany back and sides, it delivers that addictive ukulele jangle with a little extra warmth and depth - perfect for a range of playing styles. You'll then have the silky surface and smooth sustain of a rosewood fretboard.

Enjoy sublime playability every time you pick up this uke. The cutaway concert shape will make sure this is always the case. It's larger than the standard uke and offers a supremely comfortable playing experience, whilst the handy cutaway allows for effortless access to the higher frets. Team this with Tanglewood electronics and you can count on a truly mesmerising gig.

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