Roland RP501R Digital Piano in Contemporary Rosewood

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The RP501R is a stylish and fairly compact digital piano for the home. It's a great choice for families or musicians that need a practice instrument in their home, and offers a quality feel and tone in a fairly compact unit.

With onboard technology derived from Roland’s flagship digital pianos, the RP501R will inspire beginners and experienced players alike. Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano engine creates the rich, expressive tone of an acoustic grand piano, and the Ivory Feel PHA-4 keyboard responds to every nuance of the player’s touch. A dynamic array of built-in speakers provides warm, room-filling sound that belies the RP501R’s compact cabinet size.

Other than never having to tune it, one of the great features about having a digital piano in your home is the fact that you dont have to rely on just one sound. The RP501R has over 300 additional sounds so that you can play in a wide variety of styles. It's also great fun for young musicians exploring the instrument and the wide range of tones you can play with those black and white keys.

The RP501R also includes many educational features for developing piano skills. The built-in metronome promotes accurate timing, while the onboard recorder lets users capture performances and evaluate their progress. Twin Piano mode splits the piano keyboard into two identical ranges, ideal for playing side-by-side with a teacher or duet partner. And with Headphones 3D Ambience technology, players can enjoy natural, realistic sound in private practice sessions with headphones.


The RP501 also feature Bluetooth Midi connectivity so that you can connect your piano to electronic devices and enhance the playing experience with educational and sheet music apps. You can even turn virtual pages on your device using one of the piano's pedals!


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