Mapex Venus Copper Metallic Ve5044FTC-VX

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Mapex Venus Series 20" complete drum kit in Copper Metallic


You're drummer starting out and needing/wanting your first full drumset then look no further, the Mapex Venus is and is well known as a robust kit to get you up and running including a set of paiste 101 hihats and crash ride, hardware including stool and pedal and comes with a complete set of Mapex single-ply heads providing a solid tone.


Shell Construction: 100% 9-ply poplar shells, poplar being the standard material used across most brands mainly to sandwich other harder wood ply together such as Maple, Birch & Mahogany, here we have the workhorse of material venturing out on its own, a good thick 9-ply measuring 7.2mm means these are solid shells that are going to need to withstand a good thrashing. The bearing edges are the same SONIClear cut that Mapex use throughout their range which has been designed to ensure more shell-to-head contact, such design, improves shell vibration and improves greater resonance as well as easier tuning.


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