Cort AF510 Acoustic

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Cort are one of the largest manufacturers of guitars in the world and even their cheaper guitars are built to the same high standard as the most expensive models.

The Cort AF510 acoustic guitar has a comfortable concert size body that is not short on tonal projection.

The AF510 also has Cort's unique dove-tail neck joint.

The larger the soundboard of an acoustic guitar, the more low-end tone and volume the acoustic guitar will generate. The traditional dreadnought body style provides a large soundboard, while narrow-waisted styles such as concert acoustic and jumbo combine a large soundboard for increased low end response with playing comfort.

In acoustic guitars, mahogany is often used for backs and sides which adds snap and a general boost to the middle range of the spectrum while reducing the boominess sometimes found in larger bodied acoustics. Spruce is the most common tone-wood used for acoustic guitar tops. Spruce is a lightweight yet strong wood that is easy to work with for luthiers. Tonally, spruce is resonant and provides good sustain and clarity.

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