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Cordoba 23T-CE Solid Ovangkol Top Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 23T-CE Solid Ovangkol Top Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele. Cordoba are a company renowned for their Spanish guitars who in addition have developed a beautiful range of ukuleles. Cordoba's 23 series are simply styled exotic wood ukuleles with plenty of character.

Featuring a solid ovangkol top and ovangkol back and sides, the Cordoba 23T delivers on both warmth and a fullness of tone. Ovangkol can vary in appearance, with subtle orange, grey and purple hues accenting the overall darker brown finish. Similar in tone to Composite, ovangkol is slightly warmer, with a more pronounced mid-range. The result is an extremely well balanced sound with plenty of clarity in the highs with a characterful dark sustain in the lower register.

The 23 series look the part too, the natural chocolate finish and attractively striped wood grain is finished in silky smooth satin. A simply laid abalone rosette adds a tasteful touch of quality to an already exceptional level of finish.

Ovangkol is increasingly being used as an alternative to Composite, and for an exotic wood choice outside the more conventional offerings the 23 series certainly does not disappoint. A staff favourite here at Duke of Uke, these ovangkol ukuleles may very well be the understated jewel in Cordoba's crown.

Cordoba 22T-CE ukulele has a built in pickup and EQ system for turning up the rich and full bodied sound even more. Featuring a Cordoba 2Band pickup system with treble, bass and volume controls, this ukulele is a great choice for anyone wanting to perform on stage, experimenting with FX or home recording.

Cordoba's ukulele series feature wider than standard string spacing in comparison to other brands. The Cordoba range has become a favourite with players who prefer more room on the fretboard and a slightly wider feeling neck. For players who find spacing a challenge, Cordoba ukuleles are a highly recommended choice.

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