Brunswick BU4CE

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Possibly the best value instrument series that we have? Certainly a contender! Very similar in build, sound, looks and playability to the Kala and Lanikai laminate mahogany equivalent models which are around £15 more expensive. We sell bundles of these in the shop when customers can come in to try them out for themselves, which should be the best indication for you!

The preamp system is active (powered by a 9v battery), which allows you to cut and boost frequencies for recording or gigging. There is a jack socket on the bottom bout which is offset to the side underneath, so it is unlikely to foul on anything.

Aquila strings, which are standard on the Kala and Lanikai, are also standard on this model, as are good quality machine heads, white binding to the body, rosewood fretboard and bridge, and a very good sound for the money!
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