Barnes and Mullins BMUK7C Concert Ukulele, Koa

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The Barnes and Mullins Concert Ukulele is a little belter of a Uke exquisitely crafted from exotic Koa, a rare and highly sought after hardwood that grows exclusively in Hawaii - the birthplace of the Ukulele. Koa is a great base wood for instruments due to its high density and interlocking grain which promote brilliant structural integrity and great shock absorbing qualities. The Koa’s natural properties really makes this Ukulele shine, resonating beautifully with a warm, striking tone that projects very well indeed. 

Koa is described as a ‘chatoyant’ wood - meaning that it possesses a natural, ‘cats-eye’ iridescence and appears to change colour depending on how it catches the light. Each panel of this ukulele bears a highly unique and interesting grain pattern with a swirling, marble like quality and the top also features attractive binding that adds a touch of class and extra protection to this Uke.

Black machine heads and black buttons finish off the look with style. This Barnes and Mullins Concert Ukulele is a truly stunning instrument that will win you compliments wherever you take her. 


  • Top: Koa
  • Back & Sides: Koa 
  • Fingerboard: Composite Wood 
  • Bridge: Composite Wood 
  • Binding:
  • Machine heads: Black 
  • Buttons: Black 
  • Strings: Aquila ‘Nylgut'
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