Yamaha P45 Digital Piano

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*Keyboard stand not included!

The Sound

The P45 uses an improved AWM synthesis system to deliver stunningly realistic piano sounds. AWM works by using digital recordings of real instruments to create the sound of an acoustic grand, wherever you are. However if you want to change it up and perform in a different style the P45 also includes a number of other keyboard instruments for you to play, including Electric pianos, organ and harpsichord.

What's more, the P45 has a super sleek and simple interface with minimal controls. The full range of piano tones are available through 1 button. Press this button in combination with specific keys on the piano and the sound will change accordingly. You can also set a metronome, set pitch, play demos and even turn the piano into duo mode which allows 2 players to play at the same register on different parts of the piano by splitting the keyboard in two. The only other two controls you have are volume and power, it's as simple as that! a sleek and stylish design that lets you focus on the performance.

The Feel

To ensure you get an authentic piano playing experience, the P45 features a Graded Hammer Standard keyboard(GHS). This design enables the natural feel of the keyboard to gradually change as you go up the register, so it naturally feels heavier at the bass and lighter at the top, just like a real acoustic piano.

Compact, Lightweight and Transportable

As previously said, the P45 is a lot easier to get up and down staircases, but at only 11.5 KG and a depth of less than 30 cm, it takes up almost no space, wherever you want to take it. Move it across the room, to your gig or even an impromptu jam outside in the sun.

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