Yamaha P115 Digital Piano

Yamaha P115 Digital Piano

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The P115 is a compact digital piano that features a modern stylish design. If you're looking for the experience of a grand piano but don't have the money or the space, the P115 is a fantastic compromise that will fit comfortably in your home. What's more, it's got some great features and connectivity that you don't get with a real acoustic piano.

An Authentic Piano Playing Experience

To ensure you get the realistic performance and feel when you play, the P115 features a Graded Hammer Standard keyboard(GHS). This design enables the natural feel of the keyboard to gradually change as you go up the register, so it naturally feels heavier at the bass and lighter at the top, just like a real acoustic piano.

For the sound, the P115 uses Yamaha's "Pure CF sound engine." This technology features the real piano sound recorded from Yamaha's renowned CFIIIS concert grand piano, used on stages all around the world. Coupled with this fantastic grand piano sound, the advanced damper resonance function recreates the reverberation of a grand piano, offering nuanced control over your performances.

A Feature Rich Digital Instrument

For a lot of pianists, getting that main piano sound just right is the most important factor, but with a digital system it's possible to do much more. It's not just saving you the money and inconvenience of regular piano tuning, this digital piano offers a range of instruments to play and you can even add a selection of reverb effects. Maybe you want to play a classic electric piano in a club style environment, or a Rock Organ in a massive concert hall. With 14 different voices and 4 different reverbs to choose from, you can develop your playing into different styles and explore. If you're not so confident in a specific style or feel like you want to play along, there's also 10 pianist styles that automatically adds accompaniment as you play chords along with melodies, transforming simple music into ingenious arrangements

Modern Connectivity

The P115 comes with built in speakers so that you can use it independently without any other kit. However there's a number of connections that you can use to hook it up to your other gear. There's 2 headphone sockets so that you can play silently and a friend can hear if they would like, and Aux-out terminals you can plug into an external amplifier, mixer or speakers for a bigger sound when playing in a larger room or in a gig. There's "USB to host" which offers connectivity direct to your computer for recording or inputing midi data for software instruments or notation software.

You can also connect the P115 to an iPad, where you can control many of the instruments functions through the Yamaha Digital Piano Controller app for iPad. You can adjust voices, rhythms and many other settings using the apps easy to use interface.