SMS Academy B Flat Trumpet

SMS Academy B Flat Trumpet

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Design and development of the Scholarship Series range of trumpets focuses on the following 5 essential areas.

Academy silver plated trumpets are made using 67/33 ratio copper zinc brass. This alloy is favoured for its bright, clear tonal qualities. The high quality Silver plated surface produces stronger overtones than the cheaper nickel plated or lacquered trumpets.

All instruments are assembled by hand on calibrated jigs. This method produces instruments with consistent, accurate intonation across all registers. Valve blocks and tuning slides are compression tested before they leave the workshop.

Academy Scholarship Series trumpets are fitted with precision MONEL valve blocks for a reliable   and responsive playing action. Reinforced water key pillars mounted onto corrosion resistant yellow brass tuning slides ensure that the Academy horn can withstand the rigours of everyday student life.

Ease of play
Academy trumpets are fitted with adjustable 3rd slide finger hooks for different hand sizes. The M/L bore tube diameter and 7C mouthpiece make this a clear and free blowing horn for the early to intermediate player