Simon and Patrick Woodland Spruce

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• Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Solid Spruce Top

• Ideal for home use, live performances and studio

The Simon & Patrick Woodland Spruce isn't a flashy guitar, yet it is not cheap tat either. It sits comfortably in that nice medium ground where things are really good but not too expensive. If you were to think of a standard format for an acoustic guitar, you'd probably think Spruce topped dreadnought. What you are looking at here is a spruce topped dreadnought, and a very nice one it is too. The Spruce top on the Woodland is solid, of course. It is also pressure tested, which means they know before they've even glued it on that it's going to sound good. That's quite reassuring to know if you're spending something on the way towards £500. Wild Red Cherry, something of a Simon & Patrick signature wood, is all present and correct on the back and sides in laminate form. The features aren't over the top either, but the end result is a guitar that looks and feels like the sort of thing you can rely on, the sort of thing you would actually want to pick up and play every day. With the option of a B-band A3T pickup, this is a benchmark dreadnought for players of all standards.

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