Sigma GTCE+

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Tonally rich. Ultra-playable. A complete all-rounder. The Sigma GTCE-2+ Electro Acoustic, Gloss gives you amazing stage-ready, acoustic sound in an extremely generously-priced model. A remarkable guitar.
The perfect combination of tonewoods. Enjoy supreme richness of sound with the Sigma GTCE-2+'s expertly crafted, delicately balanced blend of materials that provide unparalleled harmonics and warmth. Experience maximum playability. A low-profile mahogany neck gives you comfort to practice or perform for long periods, eliminating the worry of cramp holding you back. Take industry-standard acoustic sound to the stage with a top-end Fishman electronic setup that makes the GTCE-2+ ideal for live performance. An electro acoustic of the highest class, designed to give you a complete, sonically pleasing guitar experience. Comprehensive electro acoustic quality.

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