Martin Phospher Bronze Extra Light M530 Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Martin Phosphor Bronze M530 Acoustic Guitar Strings 10-47 Extra Light 6-String Set
Gauges M530 - 10, 14, 23, 30, 39, 47 (Extra Light)
Today's acoustic guitarist demands strings with dynamic response and brilliance. The 92/8 Phosphor Bronze winding alloy is ideally suited for musicians who need strings which have deep, rich basses and clear, bright trebles.  This alloy is comprised of 92% copper, 8% tin and traces of lead, iron, zinc and phosphor. These strings produce a bright but slightly warmer sound than the 80/20. The phosphor in the alloy helps them to retain their new sound for greater consistency in brilliance levels.  High carbon steel with tinplating has very good tensile properties. This core wire is used for both acoustic and electric sets. It is used for the core wire of wrapped strings and the plain round treble strings.
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