Ibanez GRG121SP-BKN Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRG121SP-BKN Electric Guitar

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Ibanez GRG121SP-BKN Product Overview by GAK

The GRG121SP-BKN electric guitar from Ibanez is know for its traditions in Heavy Metal music. Designed specifically to be able to handle the hardest of riffs with a fantastic mid range which will cut straight through the mix.

The guitar features Ibanez's own Infinity pickups giving the guitar great attack. The fixed bridge gives you better sustain. The guitars deep cutaways give you great access to the upper frets and the flat fret board is perfect for soloing.

The finish on the guitar really makes it stand out. Featuring a Leopard skin pickguard truly specific to this guitar.

Ibanez Product Overview

The striking Ibanez GRG121SP Black Night Leopard finish is a great guitar for players who want to stand out and make a statement! Whether you're playing rhythm or lead the comfortable Maple neck and Poplar body make the GRG121SP BKN very playable and Infinity R pickups offer excellent cutting tone.