Fender T-Bucket 400

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Fender electrics are a popular choice but their acoustic cousins aren't quite so common. The T-bucket, designed in the USA and made in China, are attractive, great value acoustic guitars.  Whether you're new to guitar or a more experienced player you should give them a try.

The T-Bucket is a dreadnought guitar with a strong low end & good projection and quite a 'new guitar' sounding upper-mid sound. This gives you a lot more depth than you'd expect from a guitar in this price range. The dread has a 643mm (25.3-inch) scale length and a 43mm (1.690-inch) nut width with regular Fender bridge spacing of 55mm. The cutaway also makes access to the upper frets a breeze!


Fender style

Some companies skimp on the finish on low-mid range models in favour of price. Fender have managed to fit a lot of personality onto these guitars without adding the price. The T-Bucket 400CE comes in a beautiful natural finish that will definitely turn heads at your next gig.

Pickup sound

The pickup and preamp system in this guitar gives you a lot of tone options. It is the famous Fishman Isys system and has a bass and treble EQ for fine tuning your amplified sound. The built in tuner is fast and responsive and the phase switch lets you cut-out feedback on stage.

The pickups let the acoustic character of the guitar come through. The dreadnought sounds rich and deep while the parlour has a more potent mid range and the 000 is somewhere in between.

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